22070 FENEGRO' Como (Italy) - Via Berina 1
Telefono +39-31-895451 - Fax +39-31-895165

Our company, LARIOAVICOLA, has been active for over 30 years in the production and marketing of frozen foods. We sell our products to most italian wholesalers and export part of our production to Germany, Austria, Denmark, Holland, France and Spain.

We are specialized in processing of poultry, bovine and pork meat and all their cuts. In particular our production is centered on turkey breasts and turkey breast roll, turkey leg rolls, chicken breasts, pork loins, veal rolls, beef rolls and rabbit meat rolls.

About two years ago we started importing a few varieties of fish and shellfish directly from Malaysia, Thailand, India and other countries. To date we have been marketing black tiger shrimps, squids, cuttlefish, giant squids and octopus.

We also market, on an exclusive right of selling basis, a few ready dishes such as escargot burguignonne, scallops normande, as well as several typical italian dishes. We also sell frozen boletus edolus (mushrooms).

Our company is expanding both its production and marketing activities with the main aim, as in the past 30 years, of selling our products to frozen foods wholesalers.

We are interested in all kinds of frozen foods, but only if we can have the exclusive right of sale for Italy

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More info: larioavi@tin.it